A Maze or something as a Construction Site (C7). 1996-1998

The visitors go for a walk around a maze gotten by building a free structure of wooden panels. Most of them are painted white and a few others red. Some protective plastics are spread out on the ground. Somewhere in the maze a very dense surface of fabric hangs from one of the red structures of the maze to flexibily fall down on the ground. It's made from some weaved strips cut off a surface gotten by sewing pieces of fabric worked with acrylic and photographic tansfert. In front of this surface (the sewing) an all dressed in red mannequin, standing on a stool, holds a house painter roller to cover with white the red surface of one of the maze's panels. A big can of white paint is opened and put on the ground next to another stool, this one empty, as a simple invitation for the visitor to take part in the scene.

The Sewings Contents

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