As a Family or the World as it is (R10). 2003.

A carpet made with pictures captured from TV then printed by photographic transfer on a soft plastic fabric, with satured lights and colours, covers the floor of 2 rooms linked together by a large gap. One wall of the first room is dyed red, 2 walls of the second room are covered with mini TV screens (14,5 x12,5 x16cm each one) up to about 2000 to get lots of the programs live, of course repeated on several of the TV's. The tunnings sature the colours and lights of the TV screens, softly mixing all the sounds together as an insistent humming. In this second room 2 mannequins dressed with red fabrics are sitting down without looking at each other on 2 chairs around a chess set put on a stool. The 2 rooms are flooded with a lot of daylight.

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