A PERFORMANCE given the 13th of October 2006 in the evening opening of the exhibition THE LARGE SURFACE AND ALL ITS PLACES in a shooping center in Lyon, France. PERFORMERS: Charlotte Brebant / Thibault Carles / Olivier Clerc / AnneLise Coeurjolly / Emelyne Cordier / Nina Dussouillez / Capucine Gragez / Camille Lopes / Benoîte Nicol / Julie Nicol / Julie Petit / Pierre Pilonchery/ Cindy Rodrigues / Stéphane Roy / Cloé Vargoz / Christophe Vidal.
SOME FLIMSY PLACES is presented as a lecture written to present the installation THE LARGE SURFACE AND ALL ITS PLACES staged in the space of the arcade of a shooping center in Lyon, France. The text divided into 15 parts is read by 15 performers at the same time, with their hands red gloved, standing on a red platform, each performing one of the 15 voices simultaneously. Over the music of the words is added a music made by objects, each performer when reading his or her text activates, rubs or taps an everyday object taken from the supermarket departements which are presented on the pages of the advertisings leaflets and catalogues used to make the 6 stations of the installation.
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Photos © Tiffany Guinet-Arrio / Etienne Perrin.


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Text of the Performance Video of the Performance


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