In 2005 and 2006 I am preparing for the automn of 2006 a very large visual and sounding installation comprised of several stations and some others peripheric interventions. This exhibition is produced by the trade name of a chain of shopping center where I thus bring back the leaflets and advertising catalogues which the great trade name of shopping have printed but turned into a work of art. The process is simple and easy to pick out: large paper surfaces obtained by weaving together strips cut out of these leaflets and advertising catalogues - over 200 m2 made in 1000 hours of work - are staged amidst different elements which comment them, perturb them or only complet them. Six stations made that way ponctuate the installation occupying the entire shopping arcade of a great shopping center in Lyon, France, like as many variations of the same work giving the public the posibility to imagine yet other possibilities he could also create. It's a tour which can be read in every way and their meanings because no meaning is ever imposed on it, everyone can indeed freely go for a walk there. So I bring back to the shopping center all these leaflets and avertising catalogues which I turn into a work of art which takes place in a public space which isn't usually that of art. Nowadays art often builds with things of everyday life is worth showing in nowadays life spaces.

So from the 13th to the 21th of October 2006 I exhibit The Large Surface And All Its Places throughout the shopping arcade in a shopping center in Lyon, France. In the evening opening I give there my lecture about this exhibition, Some Flimsy Places , as a performance for 15 performers.

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photos © Thibault Carles / Mireille Moreau / Jérémie Pilonchéry / Annick Yan

Station 1 The Walker In The Universe

Station 2 The Shed

Station 3 The Ladders

Station 4 The Map

Station 5 The Shopping Trolley

Station 6 The Universe

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