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Art is in the heart of all our spaces of life's connexion network. Any methods can meet there to entwine because everything is contained in the reality of the world. What we see and hear in these documents is that the putting together of all these phrases, of all these sounds, of all these images and all these actions naturally take us in an infinite perspective because all these visual and sounding signs are to be seen as surfaces without beginning nor end, maybe those of the world in which we are.

..Walking 2016 ((01'32)

..The Naturings 2010-2014 ((04'16)

....WALKER, a TV report May 2009 (04'06)

Du 14 mai au 26 juin 2009 l'installation WALKER occupe l'Ecole Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines de Lyon, France. Cette installation en 3 parties rend compte de l'oeuvre planétaire..Walker In The Universe, A Global Work 120 m2 de surfaces papier des Publicitages sont déroulés et suspendus dans le Forum d'entrée accompagnés dans la Galerie tout à côté de la projection du film A Walker In The Universeet de tous les films de ses différentes projections dans le monde. Une performance donne à entendre tous ces bruits de fond du monde issus des films reçus.

.... WALKER, a performance may 13 2009 (03'04)

C'est un extrait qu'on entend ici de la performance donnée le soir du vernissage de l'exposition WALKER à l'Ecole Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines de Lyon. La soirée vernissage devient la performance. Les bruits de fond des films qu'on voit dans le film Walker In The Universe, A Global Work additionnés à ceux produits en direct par le public présent produisent une surface sonore sans début ni fin. La performance perd son aspect spectaculaire pour s'intégrer à la vie présente dans la soirée. C'est le bruit de fond du monde qu'on entend comme une tapisserie sonore à l'image de la partie tapisserie papier de l'installation.

.....Sound surface for mobil phone May 13 2009 (08'10)

(voir ci-dessus). Cette surface sonore est un enregistrement diffusé de 2 façons par15 performers qui ont la liberté d'agir ou de ne pas agir. 3 actions composent la partition de la performance: les performers vêtus de blanc marchent au milieu du public présent tout en participant à la vie de la soirée. Les performers diffusent sur leur téléphone portable audibles seulement lorsqu'ils passent à proximité du public des sons capturés sur les films. Les performers quand ils le veulent font entendre à très fort volume sur 2 systèmes audios des "flashs sonores" capturés sur les films.

.....Walker In The Universe, A Global Work, Film 1 2008-2009 (16'21)

"Walker In The Universe, A Global Work" est une oeuvre planétaire activée à partir de février 2008 sur la surface de la Terre toute entière par des acteurs co-auteurs recrutés par connaissance et par internet pour diffuser le film "A Walker In The Universe" en différents points du monde ( ... France, Royaume-Uni, Belgique, Allemagne, Gambie, Etats-Unis, Canada, Russie, Chine, Nouvelle-Zélande, Australie, Hong-Kong, Espagne... ), dans des espaces publics et privés les plus divers et variés .( un appartement, une usine, un centre d'art, un hôpital, une université, un centre commercial, un musée d'art contemporain,etc...). Tous les lieux que nous traversons méritent notre attention. Ce travail poursuit grâce aux possibilités d'échanges par internet les projets d'oeuvres par satellite dessinés en 1979 et 1980. Aujourd'hui le Walker continue sa marche sans limite au fil des années.En mai et juin 2009 l'installation WALKER rend compte de ce travail pendant 6 semaines dans le Forum et la Galerie de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences de Lyon, France.

....The Webcamings 2007, 2008 )

The "Webcamings" an interactive work on the Internet resent themselves as a surface of very small films of 30" each added up on a grid over a course of years. In each film the artist speaks of many things which may occupy his thought and which can of course all be mixed together : you can listen to these films one by one so as to hear the artist's words or else by adding them as you please in order to make up a very aleatory and free concert of voices. You then get a sound surface where the meaning to understand is replaced with the experience to live for the visitor who is conducting it, it's always the idea of the work like a score which can be at each interpretation always revisited.

.. Moment Z ( February 16 2007 ) 12'46

"Moment Z" is presented as a performance for 9 performers, 2 sound brodcastings and videoprojection in the "Some Places And Their Moments" exhibition. While circus artists Amaury Jacquot creates a route by evolving on a suspended bars dispositive, the 8 other performers, who are also collaborators responsible for the original set up then changes of the installation, each realizes a double route free in its order but pre-set in the its stations and actions amidts the installation: each performer does an action with an object used on the building site per station. The resulting sound of these actions is superimposed to the broadcasting of of a recording got by superimposing all the sounds and voices of all the work's days on the building site the installation with that of a running water's recording, like that of the Saône and the Rhône rivers which join each other nearby. A videoprojection shows the bulding site of the installation in its different moments. The performance presents to be seen and heard the life of the building site which installed itsellf in this disused warehouse for two weeks during the winter of 2007, maybe a moment of the building site of the universe just at this place on Earth. The performance was 13mn long.
This is the recording of an interview conducted by an art student during the "Some Places And Their Moments" exposition in a disused warehouse in February 2007. No doubt do we learn a little more about the development of the artist's art and his goals.
"Building Site" is an over one hour long recording broadcast in a continuous loop superimposed to the broadcast of "Fountain" in the "Some Places And Their Moments" installation in a disused warehouse in winter 2007. It has been got by superimposing with those of the previous days the recordings of all the sounds and voices of each day's work to build up the installation, thus giving us a sort of sound layer without beginning nor end.
"Some Places And Their Moments" is a video on which one sees the building site in a disused warehouse of the "Some Places And Their Moments" exhibition between February 5 and 16 2007.
"Some Flimsy Places" is a performance given on the opening night of the "Great Surface and All Its Places" exhibition. The text of a conference written to introduce the installation is divided in 15 parts which are read by 15 performers all together, hands gloved of red, on a red platform, each performer doing one of the 15 voice simultaneously. To the music of the words is superimposed a music of objects, as each performer, while reading his or her text, puts into action, rubs or taps on an ordinary object taken from the supermarket's shelves and presented in the advertizing catalogues used for the installation's 6 stations. The performance is 6mn long.
This is an exerpt from Marie-Sophie Chambon's film written and directed from the exhibition "Great Surface and All Its Places" in the Auchan shopping center of Caluire in Lyon. The performance is seen and heard in the middle of the installations.

....Installation night of "The Large Surface and All Its Places" ( 12-13 October 2006 ) (8'23)

This is an exerpt from Marie-Sophie Chambon's film written and directed from the exhibition "Great Surface and All Its Places" in the Auchan shopping center of Caluire in Lyon. Moments of the building up of the exhibition are seen with its six stations in the public-deserted shopping mall in the night of October 12 to 13 2006. 11 persons took part in the bulding up.
This is an exerpt from Marie-Sophie Chambon's film written and directed from the exhibition "The Large Surface and All Its Places" in the Auchan shopping center of Caluire in Lyon. There are interviews of the artist, a security guard, and the manager of the shopping centre. It is also a lively tour of the different installations of the exhibition.

... 5 Radios ( October 2006 )

"5 radios" is a recording realized especially to replace the broadcast live of the programs of 5 radios playing at the same time in the Station 5 of the "The Large Surface and All Its Spaces" installation in the shopping mall of a supermarket in October 2006. Technical problems had made necessary to replace the live broadcast by this recording made in the same aleatory conditions. The recording is one hour long and must be played in a continuous loop. This is an extract you can listen at here.

... Fountain (October 2006)

"Fountain" is a one-hour recording broadcast in a sloop of a running water's sound. "Fountain" was heard in Station 2 of the "The Large Surface and All Its Spaces" exposition in the shopping mall of a supermarket in October 2006. The recording was also broadcast in the "Some Places and Their Moments" installation in a disused warehouse in February 2007, superimposed with the broadcast of "Building Site" (See below).

...A Walker in the Univers ( January 12 2003 );

"Un"A Walker in the Universe" is a 23mn long video shot in real time. It can be seen alone, broadcast on a 1/1 scale, as reception room of the "Great Surface and All Its Spaces" exposition's opening night in October 2006 , or as part of an installation like in the Station 1 of aforementioned exposition.

... 3mn ( 1976 )

"3mn" is the tape-recording of a music got by recording brief instants of diverse sounds the beginnings and ends of which are erased so as to juxtapose them. We then get a layers-of-sound effect without beginning nor end, no part of which is maybe more interesting than another. This work now lost remains the first work that started it all even though one can no longer listen to it now.


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