Between 1998 and 2009 I have been working on The Advertisings, a great series of projects made by numeric sketches before the actual realisation and final installation, for which I am looking for means and places of production.

This important series of The Advertisings develops a very methodical process which can easily be identified by its infinite possible variations: large surfaces called weavings obtained by weaving strips cut out of leaflets and advertising catalogues are put on stage with objects or other elements different in each installation in order to enhance and transform the meaning in which each and every one can in their own way enter so as to find themselves there.

In October of 2006 I exhibit a very large visual and sound installation made of 6 stations as well as some others interventions, The Large Space And All Its Places, produced by the trade name of a chain of stores, throughout a shopping arcade in a shopping centre in Lyon, France, where I thus bring back the leaflets and advertising catalogues which they have printed, but turned into a work of art. I will have my lecture about this exhibition, Some Flimsy Places, given there as a performance with 15 performers.

In February 2007 I set up 250 m2 of surfaces obtained from those catalogues and leaflets completed with lights and sounds in the guise of an evolutive building site for a two-week duration in a disused warehouse, the installation is called Some Places and Their Moments. We give there on the closing night the performence Moment Z for 9 performers, sound broadcasts and videoprojection.

In September 2008 the Contemprary Art Magazine Esse Art + opinions of Quebec publishes in its N° 64 Dechet/Waste an article about The Advertisings by Florence Jaillet, The Perishable Papers of Pierre Pilonchery.

In May and June of 2009 the installation WALKER, which gives an account of the global work Walker In The Universe, A global Work, showes 120 m2 of theses Advertisings let down and hang up in the Enter Forum of an university building in Lyon, France, with the projection of the film A Walker In The Universe and all the films of its different projections accross the world.

" The Perishable Papers of Pierre Pilonchéry " by Florence Jaillet in Esses arts + opinions n°64 " Dechets / Waste ", Autumn 2008, Montreal.
" In his publicitages (advertisings), Pierre Pilonchery presents a veritable visual recycling of mass-distributed promotional fliers. These images, the waste products of our consumer society, are partially cut up into strips, then weaved together to create vast surfaces that the artist manipulates, posts up, suspends, crumples, and stages. Contingent on their presentation sites, these canevassages (weavings) assume variable meanings; for instance, in adorning the hallways of a department store they create a “return to sender” effect. Without resisting the laws of nature, without seeking to create relics, and bearing fully the precariousness of perFlorence Jaillet in Esses arts + opinions n°64 " Dechets / Waste ".

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