THE NATURINGS 2010-2017 -

The Naturings, a serie of multiprojectiions and other elements, are built on a background of nature with its pictures, its movements and all its sounds mixed with these which spreak of human presence.

450 films divided into 3840 sequences then edited together again into 450 tracks divided into 101 films of 45 tracks each are sreened simultaneously on several dozens meters or on screens, with huts, songs, drawwings, photographs, other films, notes and yet more. The particularity in editing of the 450 films which lets them be in perpetual movement on the projection surfaces like a moving and dynamic mosaïc that also mixes all of their sounds.

Landscape formats and portrait formats at the same time, pieces of nature and human lives question ans complement each others. See more :....Working Notes.....Multi-projection video.....Partitions temporelles

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A multiprojection vidéo The Naturings Contents

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