In 2004 I add to my works The Visionings, environments created by computer where sounds and pictures make up a complex score where the multiplicity of the world meets the uniqueness of everything and everyone whoever we are.

It is a set of films, recorded on disk, and projected onto various elements (stacks of cardboard boxes, loosely spread out fabrics, sand, water, antic sculptures, visitors wearing white house painter coveralls put at their disposal in the entrance to the exhibition. ) creating environments which receive image surfaces picked up from TV and worked by computer so as to accumulate them either by either crossing or juxtaposation with great density in the visual and the sounding alike.

In 2007 and 2008 I am preparing "All The People" , an installation in 2009 for the Moulding Museum, Lyon France, which I fill up with scaffoldings to support an important film and sound broadcasting equipment. 500 small films moving against a red background are projected at the same time upon the museum's statues, all the sounds mixing together. It's like a way of looking at the construction site of the human hive of activity among all its idols on to which it clings, from those of the past to these from another order altogether.

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