- - - NEWS - - - 22 june / 28 september 2018, 180 Naturings films in collective exhibition "Cosmic Flowers and more", Espace La Brava, Thônes, Annecy - - - NEWS - - - "We Take a Walk" 13th September / 13th October 2017 CANCELED, "We Take a walk" a multimedia installation at the Orangerie of the Parc de la Tête d'Or in Lyon, France, en Résonance avec la Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon 2017, in the schedule of the 150th birthday of the 6° arrondissement of Lyon - - - NEWS - - -
This work is to be considered as a work in process, which can lead to many possibilities, as some scores for many various performances and interpretations of which the form and the stage production are everytime reconsidered. It's not a set of finished products but an opening-up to every possible of every horizon. It's the urge for art far beyhond the art, to look at the world from its most simple form of reality to its most unlimited one which means the whole universe.

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