Putting into a Place (The large Stage) (C8). 2002

2 fabric surfaces (220cm x 570cm et 220cm x 220cm) gotten by sewing pieces of fabrics worked by photographic transfer are fixed on a wooden construction and so demarcat 2 opened room. Inside the first room a third unfinished surface is spreaded upon the floor in front of a table on which is put the sewing machine used to make it, with a box full of the various fabric used, a red chair to sit down and to work and a wooden stool to sit down and to look at. Inside the second room a blue car is vertically hung and 3 soft red banners fly in the tops of the vertical construction. Several pictures of the universe and one of a scan of a human brain are hung up on the wall behind the visible wrong side of the sewing.

The Sewings Contents

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