An installation as a construction site in a disused warehouse
5-16 February 2007

Some Places And Their Moments is a great visual and sounding installation as a evolutive construction site during two weeks in a disused warehouse by the Confluence near La Sucrière at Lyon, France, the Z Building.

The principle is simple: it's to show not a finished work but a work in progress, the public being allowed to participate.

I store and install there 250 m2 worth of surfaces of paper obtained by weaving strips cut out of leaflets and advertising catalogues, staged before for other installations. Here the disposition can change every day. Every day the intensity of red electric ligths and natural ligths are varying depending on the hour and the day. Every day the sounds of the building site are recorded and played superimposed with those of the preceding days, like a sounding surface without beginning nor end like the sound of a running water, a recording of which is also played in the installation. I work in this disused warehouse with circus artist Amaury Jacquot who ties a network of suspended bars inside the installation on which he brillantly evolves all the time of the exhibition. We give there on the closing night the performance MOMENT Z for 9 performers, sound broadcasting and videoprojection.

Click here to watch a video of the building site of the installation (7'40).

Click on the icon to listen to an excerpt of the sound of the installation (3'31)..

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Click on the icon to listen to an interview (22'20)

interview © Stéphane Roy
photos © Julie Petit / Pierre Pilonchéry

Wednesday 7-2-07

Thursday 8-2-07

Friday 9-2-07

Saturday 10-2-07

Sunday 11-2-07

Monday 12-2-07

Tuesday 13-2-07

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