A performance

A performance given on the 16th of February 2007 for the closing night of the installation SOME PLACES AND THEIR MOMENTS in a disused warehouse by the Confluence at Lyon, the Z House, beetween the 5th and 16th of February 2007.

Marion Bouvier / Rose Amélie Da Cunha / Marie Evreux / Mélanie Fagard / Amaury Jacquot / Delphine Larger / Anaïs Longerias / Fanny Minetti / Pierre Pilonchéry
Z MOMENT is presented as a Performance for 9 performers, 2 sound broadcastings and videoprojection in the installation

While circus artist Amaury Jacquot creates a route by evolving on a network of suspended bars, the 8 other performers, who are also the collaborators in charge of the original set up then changes of the installation, each realise a double route free in its order but pre-set in its stations and actions amidst the installation: each performer does an action with an object used on the building site per station. The resulting sound of these actions is superimposed to the broadcasting of a recording got by superimposing all the sounds and voices of all of the days' work in the building site with that of the recording of a running water', like that of the Saône and the Rhône rivers which join each other nearby. A videoprojection shows the bulding site of the installation in its different moments.

The performance presents, to be seen and heard, the life of the building site which installed itself in this disused warehouse for two weeks during the winter of 2007, maybe a moment of the building site of the universe just in this place on Earth. The performance was 13mn long.

Photos © Eve Sanchez

Click on the icon to hear an excerpt of the performance (3'15)

Click here to see the video of the whole performance
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