Romance (P40). 2001

5 surfaces of paper (125cm x 360cm x 3 et 125cm x 120cm x 2) gotten by weaving strips cut out of advertising catalogues stapled to 6 wooden poles (H 250cm) held to the floor by a block of concrete forms a surrounding wall opened in one of the sides to be able to get into. Some strings of fairy lights and multicolored pennants go from the top of a tall pole (H 340cm) in the middle of the interior of the surounding wall , each one being tied to one of the 4 poles in the 4 corners. In the outside in front of the 3 closed sides of the surrounding wall are arranged a switched on floor lamp, a tall houseplant and a large set up picture of the artist reading into a microphone (we can hear the reading of the text "The Beautiful Places of the Artist" played into a speaker somewhere in the exhibition room). On the central pole are fixed some small speakers playing dawn chorus, the broadcasting system being deliberately visible inside of the surrounding wall. The whole inside and outside floor, covered with rocks, let see in places some very colored bunches of flowers .

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