The Obscene or the Multiplication without any Answer (R1). 1982-1984.

A surface (250 x 645 cm) got by sticking on canvas pieces of fabrics worked with acrylic and pink and pieces of magazines cut out or teared up is put against a wall of the exhibition room. 2 wooden sticks are leaned against the surface, one of them is paint with red and the other covered with the same collages. 3 red chairs and 3 silvery can of paint red inside are put down in front of the surface on the floor. A second wall of the room is covered with photocopies of the surface of the collage. A third wall gets 3 photographs of some pieces of the collage et 3 TV screens broadcasting live the presence of the spectators-actors filmed by 3 caméras. At last a microphone, in the middle of the room, picks up the voices and the surrounding sounds to broadcast them amplified on a speaker somethere in the room. The whole is very lit.

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