The Webcamings are an interactive work on the Internet put on line from in December 2007. The Webcamings present themselves as a surface of very small films of 30" each added up on a grid over a course of years. They can be seen at home on a computer or by video-projection in an exhibition, but always by activating them yourselves. In each film the artist speaks of many things which may occupy his thought and which can of course all be mixed together : you can listen to these films one by one so as to hear the artist's words or else by adding them as you please in order to make up a very aleatory and free concert of voices. You then get a sound surface where the meaning to understand is replaced with the experience to live for the visitor who is conducting it, it's always the idea of the work like a score which can be at each interpretation always revisited.

The Webcamings 2007 The Webcamings 2008 The Webcamings 2009

By moving the mouse over the black squares the videos - 30" - can be seen one by one so as to listen to the artist's words or several at a time to make up a free and very aleatory concert of voices.

Acknowledgements for computer program : Jérémie Pilonchéry


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