A global work set in motion from February 2008 / Une oeuvre planétaire activée depuis février 2008
Walker in the Universe is a global work set in motion from February 2008 upon the surface of the whole Earth by actors co-authors found via the Internet to project the film "A Walker in the Universe" in different points of the world in the most various plublic and private places. All the places we pass through are worth turning our attention to. The Walker continues his walking without any limit throughout the years. May 14 / June 26 the installation "WALKER" gives back about this global work.

Marcheur dans l'Univers est une oeuvre planétaire activée à partir de février 2008 sur la surface de la Terre toute entière par des acteurs co-auteurs recrutés par internet pour projetter le film "Un Marcheur dans l'Univers" en différents points du monde dans des espaces publics et privés les plus divers et variés parce que tous les lieux que nous traversons méritent notre attention. Le Walker sans limite continue sa marche au fil des années. 14 mai / 26 juin 2009 l'installation "WALKER" rend compte de cette oeuvre planétaire.

...Art can grab onto every surface of life it can meet...
...L'Art peut s'accrocher sur toutes les surfaces de la vie qu'il peut rencontrer...

To participate / Pour participer

"Walker In The Universe, A Global Work", Film 1

Fajara, The Gambia, Hepatitis Building, The Gambia Hepatitis Fajara, Wenesday 16-04-08, by Pierre Hainault

London, United Kingdom, The Courtauld Institute of Art, "Hiatus" exhibition showcase, Thursday 28-02-08 by Marian Ang, phtos Will Searle

Lyon, France, A flat, Saturday 01-03-08, by Mireille Moreau

Beijing, China, The canteen of Defi Factory, Dongba Xiang Chaoyang District, Friday 25-04-08, by Sophie Bognaux with Wang Xiang

Lyon, France, The Wall Steet School, Wenesdayday 30-04-08, by Valérie d'Arbigny

Lyon, France, A flat, Saturday 01-03-08, by Florence Jaillet with Schemseddine Larbi

Ottawa, Canada, A flat, Wenesday 12-03-08, by Catharina Israël
Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, Artium Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo, Wenesday 11-06-08, by Aniousha Peicaud with Cristina Redondo

Saint-Etienne, France, Fine Art University, in a web design class, Tuesday 02-02-08, by Stéphane Roy

Saint-Etienne, France, Fine Art University, in an aesthetic class, Tuesday 04-03-08, by Stéphane Roy

Saint-Etienne, France, Fine Art University, drawing class room, Tuesday 05-02-08, by Stéphane Roy

French Alps, Friday 29-08-08 and Saturday 30-08-08, by Mireille Moreau

Ko Long Village, Yung Save Wan, Lamma Island, Hong-Kong, Sunday 08-02-09, by Marie Garin

London, UK, Indian Cybercafe Mitcham, Wenesday 12-11-08, by Thibault Carles

Lyon, France, Auchan Caluire Shoping Centre, decoration studio, Friday 07-03-08, by Thibault Carles

Berlin, Deutschland, in front of the Berlinische Galerie, Sunday 08-02-09, by Julie Petit

Paris, France, Avenue Kennedy, Tuesday 08-02-09, by Corentin Dury


Lyon, France, Monday 06-04-09, by Ann Sarah Yan with Jeremie Pilonchery

New-York, USA, Time Square, Sunday 27-12-09, by Wim and Yann Van Eicjk

Frankfurt, Deutschland, the airport, Friday 25-12-09, by Wim and Yann Van Eicjk

Grass Valley, Sacramento, CA, USA, Tuesday 17-03-09, by Helene Rakic

Lyon, France, Ecole Normale Superieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Saturday 02-05-09, by Florence Jaillet

Thessaloniki, Greece , Tuesday 14-06-11, by Cecile Buchwalder with Costa Tisis

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